What time is it?


Since when we arrived to Morocco I had the strange feeling I of not having any idea of what time really was.
Normally I relay on the automatic tuning made by my phone on the local time zone.
Unfortunately, about a month ago, the king of Morocco decided to not change the time back to the winter time.
People were arriving either one hour early or one hour later, depending on what did you understand about the time changed :-)
The first day, thinking it was 6pm we were about to go for a stroll in the nearby town, when one guy of the surf camp stopped us saying that it was actually 19 and soon dinner was served.
After that I just kept calculating the time by adding one hour (or it was subtracting? Can’t remember), and I kind get used to it.

Until today.

This morning the king of Morocco announced at the radio (at 3am in the morning) that time was going to change to winter time.
Everybody manages to get up one hour later and only who had the right time, arrived in late.

Now I tend to avoid taking about time. And is pretty cool.

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Also Netherlands has his own Umberto Bossi to be ashame of…

Problems with Poles? Report them to us, says new PVV website

Netherlands is a high quality and rich country but is not perfect, despite some people think the opposite.

The link I’m sharing is half way between disgusting and funny. Seems the way of thinking of some politicians of Lega Nord like Bossi or Borghezio.

Unfortunately we cannot blame always the politician, because they are the reflection of people’s thinking. Discrimination against polish is not unknown, I’ve been witness of a discrimination while entering in a club. The doorman answer a friend of mine where he was coming from and, when he heard the answer, escort us on the way out.

Hope that Geert Wilders will be send back where he popped out.

Todo vale en la batalla de Milán · ELPAÍS.com

Todo vale en la batalla de Milán · ELPAÍS.com.

[...] El primer ministro ‘invadió’ el viernes cinco de los siete telediarios nacionales (tres de Mediaset y dos de la RAI) para dejar un mensaje apocalíptico: Milán no será nunca “una gitanópolis árabe gobernada por la hoz y el martillo”, dijo. [...]

[...]En solo dos días, la Liga del Norte, el líder del PDL, la alcaldesa saliente Letizia Moratti y sus medios cercanos han sacado del sombrero ataques y ofertas de todos los colores. Han recurrido a la homofobia y al miedo diciendo que Pisapia hará de la ciudad “La Meca de los gais” y el “paraíso de la droga libre”, y arruinará o incluso cancelará la Exposición Universal de 2015.[...]

[...]Tras sustituir a su principal asesor, Moratti se ha lanzado y ha prometido amnistiar a los conductores multados, suprimir la ‘ecotasa’ que grava los coches contaminantes, dejar gratis los aparcamientos para residentes y más carga y descarga para los comerciantes.[...]

qualcosa di strano

Leggendo un articolo relativo a finanziamenti agli atenei italiani di Alfonso Fuggetta, oltre al rimanere sbigottito per le cifre, mi sono caduti gli attributi sul pavimento. Se date un occhio ai dati, potete vedere che la Lombardia è la regione che ha ricevuto meno finanziamenti di tutti, di quanti ne avrebbe dovuto ricevere, al contrario della Sicilia.

Ora, considerando che, esclusa Roma, difficilmente uno studente del nord andrà a studiare al sud, specialmente in Sicilia, dove ca**o sono finiti quei soldi? Tengo a precisare che quei dati vanno dal 1996 al 2007 quindi non è un problema di destra o sinistra…

Riflettiamoci…in che stato di m***a stiamo vivendo…