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When I was in Italy, I was used to travel by bus to go to work. About a year ago they renew the website and give to customers the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter that announced changes in the path of the bus, due to works on the street and so on.

I still a subscriber of this newsletter (that I guess is useful), more for laziness, but tonight I receive a message about a variation of path in Melegnano.

First of all two words about it. Melegnano can be considered the pain in the ass of every person is travelling to Milan from the South, vice-versa (but also in any direction that include this bloody city). There aren’t big streets to avoid you to pass inside the city and the roads available are small, that means queues every day and almost every hours! Every people would like to blow up Melegnano and build an highway instead (by the way I know some nice people from that city, none of them I would see hurt).

Anyway, today I saw an email from the bus company said the path will change for one day because in Melegnano there will be men at works for the pruning of plants in one street (Viale repubblica),  from 7:00 to 16:00. Guess, that street is one of the main street people use to pass throu the city. What does that means? Jungle!

After reading that I starts guessing all my emotions during the travels to and back to work (and I can say that I’m one of the luckiest guys in my company), with car or bus. Will be able to come back to my previous life? Probably not. That because the quality of life is mostly based on the environment around your job, and I guess, the travel can change a lot how you feel (like or dislike) your job.

Of course there isn’t a place without defect…but we’ll see (after the Dutch winter) :)

Func and JBoss Module

Func (Fedora Unified Network Controller) is a revolutionary and sexy tool that allow you to administer hosts on large scale environments, using a secure communications through https. Func is written in python and is promoted and sponsorized by Red Hat.

Func is designed to implement a client-server model: there’s a single host master (certmaster) which register and exchange certificate with minions (clients). Certmaster can launch commands (ping, ps, netstat, and so on), get various information (hardware infos, nagios infos, xen virtual hosts infos, etc) on each or groups of clients. All commands are module and, thanks to module-driven design, is quite simple to write your own. You can find modules list here.

I wrote, with my byte-code colleagues, a simple module to monitor JBoss running instances, by retrieving information about active ones (port, name, bind address and pid), about problems (for example when two instances are started on the same bind address), and some little stuff (search).

You can execute command by using a single code line, for instance:

func "*" call jboss status
func "*" call jboss status

and so on…more information here.

This module has multple purposes: the first one is to add useful and new stuff and the second is to start something that connect Java and Linux world. In fact, at this moment, they too many separate (although SUN made java opensource, with too delay, IMHO), and, at the same time, Red Hat world and JBoss world.

Unfortunatly I’m not a jboss man, and I don’t have idea on possible stuff to be added (ATM I’m think to add a deployer but func need improvement to copyFile Module ;-))